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Fashion: Blouse Crazy

07 February 2013

I havent blogged in a while...I have realised though that I do really need to start! I read so many great blogs and wish I could do the same! SO here goes...From now I have promised myself that I will try and blog everyday, from beauty reviews to just random ramblings on! 

At the moment I really do have a thing for Blouses! Looking at them now I am not too sure on the first one(?)(!) Number 4 is my favourite and I have been looking around for a nice colour floral for some time now.

 River Island:
1. Blue Chelsea Girl paisley print sheer blouse 

2. Black and white multi stripe cropped blouse 

3. Black ditsy print long sleeve shirt 

4. Blue ditsy print contrast panel shirt 

I am tempted to buy at least one of them. Please let me know what you think and if you know of anywhere that I can have a shop around for some from.

Amy xoxox