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Beauty: Benefit 'Theyre Real Mascarra'

01 May 2013

Length and volume is what I look for in a mascara and I know I can find that in most drugstore mascaras I own so when deciding whether to buy Benefits 'they're real' mascara after hearing so much about it I thought 'Do I really need to spend £18 on one mascara?'

Me being me and having to spend money whenever I have the opportunity to I bought it and will be purchasing it again once it's dried out and no longer usable no doubt and here's why...

Although a bugger to get off your eyelids if it gets on them I suppose it gives you reassurance that it's a durable mascara right? The brush really fans my lashes out well and doesn't make them stick, as I hate that in a mascara! The mascara doesn't flake after a long day and looks just as good as when I put it on in the morning when I go to take it of of a night.

I use a lot of mascaras that I am happy with that are cheaper alternatives but I do enjoy using this one and the packaging is also so much more appealing than the high street brands so it's always nice to have an appealing staple in your makeup bag.

Can you recommend any mascaras or any Benefit product that you just can't live without?

Amy xox