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Beauty: Glossy Box #1

27 March 2013

OK so I know that it is already coming to the end of March but I thought I would begin to finally post my Glossy boxes and what I thought about them (even if I am one month two months late!) So here is my Glossy Box #1...

At first I wasn't too sure about the Monu Micro Exfoliant. When I began to use this product it seemed too harsh on my skin however after a few more attempts my skin began to react a lot better to it! Although this was a small sample bottle it lasted me a while which was surprising however I did find that because the exfoliator was so thick, inside such a small plastic bottle was so hard to get out, I kept having to use both hands to squeeze some out onto a side and then use it from there as I was obviously just too week to squeeze with one hand onto the other! Once researching into Monu and emailing one of their advisers I found that the exfoliator comes in a 100ml bottle which would be a lot easier to use! 
After using this this exfoliator I noticed that my face felt so soft and yes..I did find myself casually stroking my smooth skin after using it! (Strange I know!) So despite the harshness of this exfoliator it left my skin looking clean and revised with no red marking and I have recently been in touch with people that work for Monu and have been sent a few more of their products to review which will be up shortly so a thumbs up from me on this product!

I thought that the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender and Mint Conditioner was a great product! I was a bit unsure of how it would leave my hair smelling at first as I wasn't too sure on the Lavender scent but it was fine. The tea tree mint reminded me of my childhood when my mum would use this on my hair. It my hair feeling smooth and looking clean, although it didn't bring out my highlights which is something I usually like in a conditioner but at £12.33 for a 300ml bottle I do think that it is worth trying.

Smelling the small yellow lip balm that was  Jason Lips Be Healthier I thought 'oh not, that's not for me' a lip balm that smelt of what reminded me of the chocolate after eights!

My favourite product from this months glossy box was the 30 day thermal transformation by Sanctuary. I was so surprised by how well the two creams reacted with one another to create 'an intense warming two-step treatment.' Applying 'step one' of the product I was thinking 'right..its not doing anything!' (Silly me) The moment I opened the 'step 2' cream it reacted instantly with the cream that was left on my hands. With the fist cream already on my face, I applied the second, making my face feel so tense and soothing. I would say that to only down fall (in my opinion!) was that the sample sachet had more than one use in it (yes that's a good thing) but it made it very messy to keep half of it in a small package when my mucky hands hand made the contents go everywhere, resulting in me leaving thick creamy fingerprints all over it! However I know this wouldn't happen with the full size product so I will 100% be repurchasing! At £27.50 from Boots I do believe that it is worth buying particularly when in the mood for a little bit of relaxation.

At first I thought 'A toners a toner, right?!' Once cleansed I use the toner to give my face an even cleanse, giving my face one last good clean before applying my moisturiser as it was good at taking off my last bits of make up and daily muck that my cleanser didn't quite reach. The Face Tonique was a good product however I felt that it was drying at times, making me feel as if I wasn't actually putting any liquid onto my face which meant I was using more. For a 100ml bottle it retails at £17.50 and although the sample did last me a while I do believe that there are better toners out there.

This was my first Glossy Box that I had subscribed to and I was really happy with what I received! I love the idea of the Glossy Boxes giving the opportunity for us beauty guru's to try out products that we may never of heard of or thought of trying before and I think that its worth the money. The aesthetics of the box are presented well making me even happier to carry on subscribing!

So even though it is very late..did anyone else enjoy this Glossy Box or tried any of the products mentioned? I would love to know!

Amy xox