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Beauty: Origins Super Spot Remover

25 April 2013

Struggling to keep my eyes open on a early morning I look in the mirror and notice a spot peeping through. I immediately reach for the Origins Super Spot Remover out of many other lotions and potions for spots in my growing stash.

I've never had really bad skin and only ever get the odd spot but when I do get them they will appear in an awkward place like in between my brows and stay for so long.Since using the Origins Spot Gel I have noticed a huge difference. The gel dries quickly, leaving a smooth surface for a base of makeup or moisturisers for during the night.

It is such a small bottle of product at 10ml which at first made me hesitate buying it but I decided I needed to give in and I am glad I did. The £12 spent on the product goes a long way.

Does anyone else use the origins spot gel? What other spot gels would you recommend?