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Lifestyle: A weekend relaxing

20 August 2013

A few weeks back, in fact last month back (yes, this post is well over due) me and my boyfriend packed up the car and spent the night at a family friends lake. 

I must admit I am not one to opt for camping; no electricity, no clean water, no comfy warm bed...I could go on! However I did actually really enjoy just leaving behind my current worries and being able to relax. 

Once we had eventually set up the tent, after a few moments of bickering, (FYI Sam,  I can admit I am no tent expert, putting them up is not in the list of things I would be considered good at) I jumped straight into my bikini and sat by the edge of the lake with my head in a book. Sam spent the evening fishing whilst I squirmed and squealed at every fish he caught and once the sun and gone in and it began to get cooler we started the BBQ. 

For Summer it began to get dark quite quickly and there was not much more we could do whilst we sat on the bench in pitch black so we snuggled into our sleeping bags at 10:30 and fell straight to sleep. Waking up in the morning was so lovely, the grass was dewy from the night, the local chickens has come up to where we were set up and the sun was just rising over the forests. 

Overall it was just nice to relax, even if it was just for a short time. In all the rush of packing I had totally forgotten to take my camera but managed to get a few decent shots on my Iphone before it died. We had hoped to of made a regular thing of going down the lake more often as we don't live too far from it and its so peaceful. 

Since actually sitting down to write this post on the 5th July, yes I am that bad at posting regularly, shocking I know! We have actually been down to the lake a few more times but lets just say those days were not so relaxing! I advise people not to get on a raft after a bottle of vodka. 

So what do you like to do over the weekend to relax? 

Amy xxxx