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Lifestyle: Ch-Ch-Changes

21 August 2013

Every female gets those moments when we don't fell ourselves and recently that's been me. I woke up this morning feeling as if there needed to be some changes within my day to day life.

Waking up early made me feel refreshed and alive but something still wasn't right. I started with an early phone call to the hairdressers to see if they had any available appointments for today. I thought that if I wanted to makes changes, a much needed haircut was a place to start, making me feel happier about myself and my appearances. They luckily had a space for me so I booked myself in for that appointment that every female tends to hate...the dreaded chop.

Before I was to become a few pounds lighter with the inches of hair I had booked myself in to get chopped (OK I was being a bit too optimistic), I knew it was time to start eating healthier and completing regular exercise too in order to loose noticeable pounds of body weight. That started with a bowl of fresh fruit with Alpen which tasted so yummy.

I go on holiday next week so I know that I have been slacking and should of began exercising for that beach body much earlier than now but I hope that I can keep up with what I have started today as it has made me feel a lot more motivated to do things rather than what I would normally do and laze around in my spare time.

Does anyone have any healthy eating recipes they can advise or exercise workouts that they swear by?

Amy xxxx