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Lifestyle: Bedroom Tour

18 September 2013

After my trip to Ikea for my dressing table I thought it was the perfect time to show you my bedroom. It's not completely finished, I'm still hoping to get a few storage bits for the top of my desk, a blind(oh how exciting) and new scatter cushions for the top of my bed but I just couldn't wait to get my camera out and start snapping parts of my bedroom I love.

I've always wanted to be able to have a place to do my makeup in the mornings, do my work and also blog but I've never had the space. I didn't think I had the space in my current bedroom either but with a night spent with my measuring tape out and a bit of shifting I was able to find the space. I now have the space and storage I want and need to store my hoarding beauty stash. 

My bedroom has been kept quite basic with all white furniture. I say 'all' however there isn't a lot. My wardrobe was made by my Dad, along with the build in shelf unit where I tend to keep a bit of everything. The chest of draws on the left are the Brusali set from ikea (surprised?)

I like to keep a collection of notebook's on my desk, the mint one that I use for blogging ideas is from the Martha Stewart Range at Staples. (Go and check it out! Its a stationary lovers dream) Oh and if your wondering why I have strange scratch marks all over the front of the notebook it's because my little rascal of a kitten used it as a scratching matt, but who can deny his cute little face? The candle I'm currently burning on my desk is a Yankee and is called Strawberry Buttercream. It's a sweet scent which I do like but it sometimes can give you a headache. Or is it just me? 

I can be quite organised. Which is why I have cute storage spaces like the heart draw unit which is from Homebase. The little trinkets were given to me as a gift one year, I love the quotes of 'Laugh, Love, Live' and I use these to store hair pins and bands as they always seem to disappear.

Whilst being off of uni I have spent most of my time in my bedroom, getting A Journal of Everything up and running and basically just being lazy. (*slaps hands*) I'm happy that I've been able to put my own stamp on it my bedroom. As I said it's not yet 100% finished but it's definitely getting there. If anyone knows of a place that sells large scatter cushions that they think will fit my bedroom then please let me know!

Amy xxxxx