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OOTN's | 'Holiday Blues' #3

12 September 2013

I hope everyone who read's A Journal of Everything is enjoying the 'Holiday Blues' Series. Today I thought I would share with you the outfits that I wore whilst I was away of an evening.  Every night I would say to Sam 'Please can you take my outfit picture tonight' and then we would get too drunk and do something silly like jump off the sea's diving board with no clothes on! Yeah, more on that tomorrow! It got to Day 5 in Turkey and I had totally forgotten about taking any the pictures I had planned to so that night we went up to our room early to have what felt like my own little fashion show.

Wednesday's Evening Outfit -           Floral Black Jumpsuit: Zara
                                                     Black Sandals: New Look
                                                                  Bright Yellow Shoulder Bag: Zara

Thursday's Evening Outfit -  Long Black Silk Maxi Dress: New Look
                          Black Sandals: New Look 
                                       Bright Yellow Shoulder Bag: Zara 

Friday's evening outfit -   Yellow Floral Skater Style Dress: Zara 
                      Black Sandals: New Look

Saturday's Evening Outfit -   Light purple Midi Dress: Miss Selfridge
                          Black Sandals: New Look
                                   Large White Sun Hat: Tk Maxx

Sunday's Evening Outfit -      Demin Shorts: Topshop
                                                          Teal Oversized Top: New Look
                                                                 Brown Studded Sandals: New Look

Monday's Evening Outfit -        Printed Silk Shorts - Zara
                                                   Black Crop Top - New Look
                                                Black Sandals - New Look
                                                             Bright Yellow Shoulder Bag - Zara
                                                                   Black Statement Necklace - New Look

OK so from planning and typing this outfit post I can assure you that I did take more than just those Black Sandals from New Look even if it doesn't look like it from the amount of times they pop up in the outfits. Awkward. As you can tell I kept all of my outfits quite minimal and plain. I really enjoyed making a post like this so let me know if you want to see more outfit posts in the future. 

Amy xxxxx