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Beauty: Mani Monday

07 October 2013

Last week I got out my Models Own polish colours and got creative with some floral nail art. Although I love painting my nails and trying out different designs they never do go the way I want them to. For one, I never have the patience to sit and wait for them to try and two, I don't even have a steady hand to begin with. That being said I gave it ago using these three Models Own polishes, some dotting tools and the heaven sent Seche Vete Top Coat

Here's how I achieved the look:
1. I began coating my nails with the Models Own in Nude Beige 
2. Once this coat was dry I then used the dotting tools to create three dots in a triangular shape with the     colour Strawberry Tart. 
3. From there I joined the dots together with a further three to create a flower shape pattern.
4. Once these were touch dry I then used Snow White to give my flowers a white dot in the middle.
5. To top the whole nail art craze off I slapped on the Seche Vete Top Coat to help them dry faster and     chip less. 

I love nail art designs and re-creating different ones so let me know of any ideas you have. 

Amy xxxx