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Reading: It by Alexa Chung

08 October 2013

"As far as fashion influences goes the Spice Girls must be held accountable for all the poor sartorial decisions I made between the years 1996-8. Their version of sixties fashion in the nineties was affordable and alluring but somehow got mangled through through my reinterpretation. Union Jack dress? Check, Buffalo boots? Yep. Pigtails? Uh-huh. Leopard print everything? Sure. I made the mistake of attempting to emulate the style of the entire band simultaneously."

Oh the wise and truthful words of Alexa Chung right there. I'm sure all 90's girls can relate. Not only to the way girl pop groups like the Spice Girls influenced them but other points that Alexa makes through her book, it. I bought this book from Urban Outfitters for £16.99 as I had heard so much on Alexa's whimsical perceptions on things through her life from beauty and fashion related to who has influenced her. 

I thought I would give you an insight into what I picked up from the book that I believe other females can relate to. Starting off with getting dressed in the morning can be difficult 'my main reason is that I'm incredibly messy so my floor, bed, trunk/towel rail - really anything solid - becomes my wardrobe.' See girls, we are no alone, even as a fashion icon for many girls, Alexa Chung even struggles to dress herself in a tidy organised manner. She even had to formulate a guide to getting dressed...

HERE IT IS: (take it on board)
1. In the shower/ bath/ over the sink (I don't know what you like) take your time to imagine your day and how you'd like to look as you are doing all those boring tasks/ potentially running into an ex or future partner/ nemesis... 
2. Is the outfit clean? - Is it though???
3. Try and find the things. 
4. Put it on, and this is crucial...look in a mirror.
5. Do the clothes fir properly? Is there a VPL problem? Will you be able to scale stairs without flashing someone? Is walking going to be a problem in those shoes? Do you look like a wizard or crazy person or someone who has done too many mushrooms? If so go back to stage 1. 
You're welcome. 

Alexa also talks about being a natural make up girl. 'On days off I just tend to moisturise, add concealer, mascara, blusher and lip balm.' 'A little eyelash curl goes a long way, especially if like me you have what could pass as a row of iron fillings for eyelashes.' How she believes 'Looking effortless takes a lot of effort' and shares her top beauty tip 'I have started putting nail varnishes in the fridge to keep them nice but now there's nowhere to put the butter.' 

I would highly recommend picking up a copy of the book, even if the content doesn't appeal to you there is some great photography scattered throughout the book and if that still doesn't encourage you to then theres always the 'it will look great on your bookshelf' theory. 

Amy xxxxx