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Dinner at the Diner & a talk with Hearst Editors

05 November 2013

Last nights evening consisted of a girly chat whilst scoffing our faces with food and milkshake at The Diner. Attractive, I know. I opted for the Original Burger, way too many chips and a Vanilla Milkshake. I had never eaten there before but I think I'll be dragging the boyfriend back soon. I loved the way your food is presented to you, very American with the basket your food comes in. We then braved the cold and walked down to the Millennium Hotel where Hearst was holding a 'meet the editors' event. It was a great evening that gave me a lot of insight into the industry, pen and paper at the ready I was scribbling down everything they said. I was thinking of writing a post on who the panel were and what they said, if anyone is interested in a career within magazines or didn't manage to attend please let me know if you would like to see that.