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365 Project; Week 1

05 January 2014

So I thought I would challenge myself this year and instead of my usual 'Weekly Catchup' that I regularly posted,  OK, forgot to post most Sundays I thought I would take part in the 365 Project, whereby I will try to commit to taking a picture everyday of the year and documenting it on A Journal of Everything every Sunday as little snippets of my life. I know I love to read these types of posts so I hope that you enjoy an insight and update into my life and what I get up to on a weekly basis. Apologies if its a boring week. There will be a mixture of photos taken on my iphone and camera, some will be shot properly and some just spare of the moment snaps. As 2014 began half way through the week this year this post is Week 1 of the 365 Project and is documenting Wednesday 1st January to Saturday 4th, I hope you all enjoy, let me know in the comments if you are taking part too!
After getting up late I dragged Sam to the shopping centre excited to splurge on my vouchers but only limited shops were open, much to Sam's disgust of course, he was so looking forward to it (wink, wink) We then went back to his where I had a relaxing bath as I wasn't feeling too well and he cooked us a Steak Salad, he was so proud of this meal that he insisted I snapped it up and gave it a mention on AJOE. 

I knew a day like this would come where I didn't do a lot. I started the day by going to get my car MOT, had yet another unsuccessful trip into town and then went home to do some bedroom tidying to find new homes for my christmas presents and hung up the cute shabby chic quotes my little sister got for me. 

After a boring day at work I met up with my best friend from school in the evening, we enjoyed dinner and a few games of top golf with Sam and her boyfriend Oli. Although I nearly knocked Jessica out with my golf club it was so nice to have a catch up as we both lead such different lives now it's often hard to find time to meet up. I didn't manage to get a picture of the evening which I wanted to for the project but when me and Sam got home we enjoyed a chilled movie night with the DVD I received in my stocking.

This day was spent at my Nan's house for a late christmas get together as we were unable to do our usual christmas as she was in America. It was nice to see all of my Dads side of the family as I don't see them as often. On my Nan's trip to America she bought be back a few presents which were lovely. 

As I previously said, some weeks will be better than others but I wanted to give the project a go, I don't lead the most exciting life ever, you will most probably find that most of the pictures are going to be of my cat and shopping with the university girls as I swear thats all we seem to do but we shall see how it goes.