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New Years Resolutions

02 January 2014

How many times have you began to read a blog post these past few days and it's started with 'This last year has flown by!?' But it has hasn't it and it's the same start to a new one every year... I've sworn by positive new years resolutions for a better lifestyle for years but after breaking the rules far too many times it's fair to say that the typical 'I will not eat crappy foods' goes out the window straight away. But there are a few resolutions that I hope to stick to and some beauty must do's too...

This Christmas I received enough body-care products to keep me clean and prepped all year round but usually come the end of January the body moisturising task has worn off and I am too lazy to do anything but get into my pjs after a bath. I hope to change this and get into some sort of routine and put all the Soap & Glory products to good use. 

This is one that I know I am going to struggle with. I never stick to one thorough skincare routine as I am always trying out new products but I know with the great stash that I have I can pitch together a routine that my skin will love and thank me for. Watch this space. 

I am ashamed to say that this another step that I attempt to put off but I am going to start cleaning them on a regular basis, I have no idea why I haven't done a persistent wash sooner, clean brushes = more hygienic and are better to apply makeup with.

Throughout 2013 it was evident that I may of bought way too many products that I never actually finished. The back of some draw was a more appropriate home for them but not this year. I aim to use as much as a I can in order to save space and also money. 

So those were my four main beauty resolutions but what about lifestyle changes? In 2014 I hope to become:
1. More organised and work harder with university (no more leaving things until the last minute). 
2. Take a moment every day to appreciate my life. 
3. Take more adventures. 
4. TRY and save money. 
5. & lastly I would like to continue to blog and keep A Journal of Everything Alive, 2013 was a great start and I can't wait to see what 2014 can bring.