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Pandora Essence Collection

06 January 2014

Yes, I am aware that these images do not do the bracelet the most justice (my camera's auto focus has been playing up) but since receiving the Pandora Essence Bracelet for Christmas from my lovely boyfriend I just haven't been able to take me eyes off it. I love it. The essence silver bracelet itself costs £49 and is thinner and a lot daintier than the original Pandora bracelet. Within the collection there are then 25 charms that all have different meanings. Of course I wanted one that meant something to me and Sam so he chose Loyalty, which is a pearl blue colour which also matches my Pandora ring. Each beads meaning has a little quote too, loyalty explains 'The cool tranquil aquamarine gem is said to have a soothing influence on relationships, promoting loyalty and encouraging a long and happy partnership of friendship.' 

After photographing the bracelet to feature on AJOE I then also received the Wisdom bead from Sam's parents. It is such a pretty bead with tiny specks of diamond with the quote 'The grains of wisdom, gathered on the journey of life. The diamond point technique makes the surface resemble the bark of a tree, symbolising the wisdom of nature.' 

Another difference with the Essence collection compared to the original Pandora is that it's far more simple, I am looking to only add maybe one or two more beads onto the bracelet whereas with the previous one I know people are always wanting to fill the bracelet up. I have my eye on the Love and Trust bead next. 

Prices of the beads range from £35 to £45 and I found that the Pandora Website is so helpful when deciding on what beads to choose. For me it was more on the meaning although the website does offer a design surface where you can choose your beads and where you would like them placed to see what works for you. 

Have any of you got your eye on this the new collection? What would your bracelet look like?