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Soap & Glory Skincare

15 January 2014

I can't lie, these six skincare products from Soap & Glory had been collecting dust at the back of my ever growing beauty draws for some time now but I thought this week was the best time to dust them off a bit and give you all a full review considering it's S&G week over here. There was a time last year where on my travels home to my mum's every Thursday morning from Sam's flat where I would stay the days I had uni I would find myself searching the isles of Boots in St Pancras to see what S&G goodies to try out next. (You can never be too far away from a train station Boots!) These products are what came home with me on those cold Thursday mornings, one by one, each week another one would need to go into the basket to pass the time whilst I waited for my train of course...

Glow Job Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion: The one thing that initially drew me to this moisture lotion was the 'Bronzeburst beads' that were built into the product. Upon appliance the beads would burst once you began to rub the product with your fingertips and produce a bronze coloured burst onto your skin. I thought that the idea of the product overall was good although when I applied the moisturiser the beads did begin to make my skin look patchy once they had burst, not a good look. 

Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser: In my opinion this is my favourite product out of the bunch. With sweet almond, orange and lavender oils the hot cloth cleanser feels great on the skin. Its quite a thick consistency and I found it left my skin cleansed and fresh. It's not a cleanser that I would use daily but nice to use maybe once or twice a week. The simple, sleek packaging wins me over too. 

Clear Here Moisture Lotion: This product is aimed at people that suffer from oily t-zones, although I wouldn't say I had, the part that caught my eye was the 'tired of clogged pores, shine and blotches? Get your clear here' I do suffer from clogged pores particularly along my nose so I thought I would give this a try. The moisturiser comes out a light blue colour and is fairly watery when rubbed into the skin and I didn't really see a dramatic difference to my t-zone area. 

Wish Upon A Jar: Looking back I was probably just admiring the packing when I bought this one. A glass ball with such a cute name too! Although I am not yet at the age where I am showing signs of aging I want to prepare for when I do. I think a lot of young females think a lot about what their skin looks like now but do not consider later in life and that's where I think this product comes in. With powerful anti-aging ingredients this moisturiser is great at giving your skin a boost. It is energising with blends of energy and oxygen boosting activities which includes gensing, leaving skin looking radiant. 

Dr Spot Invisible Spot Fighting Gel: I don't tend to suffer with spots an awful lot but when I do, they just will not leave me alone and it sucks. This spot gel helped to fight the spots well as it dried them out and helped soothe them. Again I fell in love with the packaging of this one, perfect for your handbag. 

You Won't Believe Your Eyes: I wasn't to sure on this gel for your eyes. I enjoyed the application of it, on those early cold mornings it really does help to soothe your under eye area however I found that it began to dry the area out more than doing them any good.

Overall I wouldn't say that S&G skincare would be my go to brand as I do not believe that they contain ingredients as 'clean and pure' as other skincare that I use is although you can't say no to their cute vintage packaging and their witty product names. 

Since planning this post I have come to realise that since S&G's redesign of their packaging some of the products names have changed on the website but I am sure there are still similar products sold if not the same. Leave me a comment down below if you have tried any of Soap and Glory's skincare products.