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What's On My Nails

08 January 2014

If I was to round up all of my nail polishes and count them one by one I am ashamed to say that I think I would have one for each day of the week, for each week of the year. Sorry, not sorry. I can honestly say, (with pride) that believe I am addicted. Having a nail polish addiction (someone call for help) I tend to find it difficult to stick to one colour, brand and finish as I always have a new one to try. Last year I would basically dedicate my Sunday evenings to paint my nails. Sad I know. 

But a polish I discovered a while back and only just recently come around to use has made me turn a corner and I have been supporting the lacquer ever since. This 'ever since' may only of been two weeks but that is a big difference to my usual five day love affair. The Rimmel Salon Pro Polish in 402 Urban Purple. A deep plum purple, mistaken for red in some lights but who's complaining. I'm loving the colour. Apply's to the nail like a dream, one sweep and your near enough ready to go, depending on how thick you like your coats. The brush is the perfect size and also collects just the correct amount of product. The lasting power isn't the longest I've tried however not the worst either. If you use a good top coat then you can see the polish lasting longer and to top it off further The Salon Pro range can be found at Boots and Superdrug for an affordable £4.49.