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Twenty & Another Year Older

01 February 2014

OK so today is the beginning of February and I am only just finally writing about by 20th birthday which was on the 18th! But I just wanted to share my photos and what I got up to with you all. A couple of days before my actual birthday I went for a lovely meal with the bestest university friends. Sam then surprised me on the Friday with a trip to see Les Miserables in theatre. I dragged him to watch the film when it came out last year for our Valentines Day date and he hated all of the singing involved but I was so happy when he had secretly arranged the theatre. He told me to meet him for dinner in London, I had already eaten so it just didn't make sense, I opened my card from him and the tickets were inside. What a cutie. I had wanted to see the production for a while as I was addicted to the film, I think it's amazing and would highly recommend it to anyone who loves to listen to hours of singing! It was a great evening and I really enjoyed it. Sam did make up the 'no singing before, during or after' rule but that sort of went out the window and I couldn't get the songs out of my head all weekend. My actual birthday day was spent with a lunch and shopping with Sam and then later drinks with some family and friends. The following week I then had late birthday celebrations with some friends, it was a good night but I can advise, never dance on smashed perfume; I can assure you that you end up on the floor...yep, oh dear. 

Thank you to anyone that wished me a Happy Birthday and for all the lovely presents from both friends and family. Twenty and another year older.