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Skincare: Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

28 March 2014

(Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask - Available from Boots for £29.00)

Recently I've noticed my skin to be a bit all over the place and it can't decide what it wants to do. I never usually am one to suffer with dry patches on my face but through the current transition from Winter to Spring I have noticed a few patches that have been clinging to my foundation. 

To try and combat my crazy skins outbursts I have been using the Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask  twice a week and have been impressed with the results. I've had the mask for a while now but only managed to use it a few times before it fell down the side of my bedside table and I couldn't get it out for months (oh dear, yes I know) I was gutted and attempted to move the hefty Ikea Alex Draws on many occasions and had no luck on reaching behind them to grab the product either which was a nightmare! Until recently when I had a change around in my room and managed to rescue it, you can even notice its damage from it being down there for so long. Anyway, long story over and back to the product...

The product works as an overnight mask to lock in your skins moisture whilst you sleep. The consistency of the mask is fairly light compared to others I have used and you can automatically feel that it not only sinks into your skin to keep it hydrated but also stays on top and you can still feel the product on your face the next morning. When I wake up my skin is left looking fresh and nourished even before I begin my morning skincare routine. Whilst the product doesn't have that much of a distinct smell to it, it's ingredients include that help to keep your skin looking supple and plumped and I would highly recommend this product for all skin types.