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Something New: Ebay Collections

25 March 2014

Ebay has always been one of those websites that I could sit on for hours, scrolling through the thousands of items that come through on something I've randomly searched for. I've never really been into the whole bidding idea but for little bits and bobs that are available on a 'buy it now' term there has been a lot of paypal transactions over the years I can admit. 

Recently though Ebay has created Ebay Collections whereby you can create your own boards, almost pretty similar to Pintrest but you can actually buy what you have added to your board, and other people can too. I have created a few boards of my own, not necessarily to buy everything I see but to collect as inspiration for myself and others. Some of my current boards include, Printed Tee's, Golden Gems and Homeware Loves

I think that this is a great idea and a lovely, interactive way to keep your wishlists and inspiration in set collections for everyone to see. There are many ways you could use it, for a collection of gift ideas for a special occasion or a place to store your most wanted items ready for pay day. 

If you wanted to take a look at my collections you can do here. And if you had any collections that you think could inspire me then please let me know, I would love to take a look.