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Upcoming: Base Magazine

30 April 2014

A couple of months ago now I introduced to my readers an upcoming publication, Base Magazine. After weeks and weeks of preparation we now have only two weeks until the launch of the magazine and we are so excited for all of the beauty bloggers out there to see what we have achieved in Issue One. 

In case you missed my original post on AJOE about Base Magazine. Base Magazine is a quarterly publication that aims to bring the online community together on a printed publication. The magazine is written by beauty bloggers giving them the opportunity to have their work published and also gives our readers honest and reliable information that includes product reviews, tutorials and top tips. 

If you are a blogger and would like to attend our launch event giving you the opportunity to meet other bloggers whilst having a bit of a pamper then please get in touch. 

For further information on Base Magazine you can check out our Base Website here
And don't forget you can tweet us @basemagazineofficial 

The first issue of Base Magazine will be available to buy from the 15th May via our website.