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Red Candy Father's Day Gift Guide

14 June 2016

So youve probably stumbled upon my blog post and are now thinking a whole gift guide centered around alcoholyour Dad must have a drinking problem (haha). But I promise thats not the case, yes, he does like a drink or two but my round up of products for this Fathers Day Gift Guide is a well-researched result influenced by the home interiors site Red Candys Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide decision tree. The idea behind the infographic tree is to give anyone struggling with what to get their Dad this Fathers Day a little helping hand.

My journey down the tree didn't last too long after agreeing that my Dad appreciates a bit of good banter and yes his sense of humor does greatly improve with a little tipple but admittedly when it gets back round to the dreaded Monday morning he loses all of his merriness. From these answers the decision tree assisted me in what to get him this Fathers Day - A Flask Tie!

Despite thinking that a cool and quirky gift as such as this would be a great idea, Im not too sure his boss would agree so with this in mind I took to the Red Candy website to source other quirky products available to assist my Dad with his drinking hobbies.

So if you're struggling and need a little gift buying inspo then check out the infographic here and if you decide to check out their Fathers day gift round up the lovely people at Red Candy are offering readers 10% off with the discount code: S3L81DF